Online Real Estate Brokers Serving San Antonio

If you’re looking for excellent and easy-to-use online real estate services in the San Antonio, Texas, area, you’ve come to the right place.

EST8 Homes consists of professional online real estate brokers who are passionate about changing the way people view real estate services. With technology thrown into the mix, you can now get realty representation based on what works best for you.With online real estate services from EST8 Homes, you can just sign up, submit your order, and the work is done for you. If you prefer more control during the selling process, you can rely on our realty team to guide you every step of the way. We let our clients make the decisions that work best for them.


Traditional real estate agents tend to capture 6% in commission.This amount can radically take away from the amount the seller ends up with. Adjust $1,299, our flat-fee business model gives you access to leading real estate agents from across the country. On average, EST8 Homes clients save $9,300 while working alongside one of our professional and fully licensed real estate teams.

Task Specialization

When it comes to the efficiency of our professional staff, EST8 Homes uses task specialization to ensure that each team member is assigned a specific task. This keeps us prompt and thorough. A lead EST8 agent primarily oversees realty transactions and negotiations. Because this is their main responsibility, lead EST8 agents engage in more realty transactions than 99% of real estate agents in the country.

Useful Resources

Even with technology, real estate transactions still involve lots of tedious manual labor. That’s one of the many reasons why EST8 Homes is changing the real estate game in San Antonio, Texas. When you work with our online real estate brokers, you have access to our cutting-edge client dashboard that lets you communicate with your EST8 team, manage offers and showings, and so much more.