Online Real Estate Brokers for Dallas/Fort Worth

At EST8 Homes, we proudly offer our clients exceptional and all-encompassing flat-fee real estate services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With our team of professional online real estate brokers, you'll have informative support each step of the way. We help you understand the process, so you can have a firm grasp of key selling concepts.

We Are Transparent

One of the biggest differences between EST8 Homes and traditional real estate brokers is that we are always transparent. Traditional agents charge commission fees that ultimately affect your bottom line. Our goal at EST8 Homes is to give our clients tools and expert advice, so they can make decisions for themselves. With our help, you can move forward with your sale with confidence.

We Concentrate On What We Do Best

At EST8 Homes, we are a well-oiled machine. Each client is assigned a lead EST8 online real estate broker whose main priorities include advising clients and negotiating terms, while other team members handle smaller "to-do" items. So, when you work with a EST8 lead agent, you can be confident that they have lots of experience managing and negotiating transactions.

We Help Save You Money

We are proud to report that the clients that sell their home with us save about $9,300. When you work with EST8 Homes, just $1,299 gets you access to the some of the most reputable agents in the U.S. When you work with EST8 Homes, our flat-fee real estate services allow you to cut out the middle man. Meaning, a one-time payment allows you to save up to 6% because you don’t have to pay any commission fees. We offer personalized and professional flat-fee real estate services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that save you thousands.