Your Money.

Are you getting your money’s worth?

For years, real estate agents have been over charging people thousands of dollars, for very little work. We are here to bring you the service you need, but at a price that makes sense.

What has been traditionally done?

The common system of real estate has changed very little over time. By continuing to charge incredibly high fees for service, but without improving agent supervision and applying new tech, the model has become not just unsustainable for sellers, but also just flat-out unreasonable.

- Agents charge 3% commission

- Services offered don’t much the cost

- Home owners aren’t given alternative options outside self-selling

- Sellers lose thousands without justifiable cause

The old ways aren’t welcome in 2019

The same technology that has killed cable TV with streaming, and taxi companies with remote drivers, is now closing in on the outdated methods of the real estate industry. Time has run out for tradition.

We’re bringing you something new...

Our team is a hybrid of experience and innovation. We take care of all the tasks traditional agents did, but infuse the process with the kind of technology that gets your home sold, and doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it.